I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

Running in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bryan and I went on a well needed run tonight.. It ended up being more of a run.. Stop-take a picture.. Run... Stop-take a picture.. kind of a jog because it was such a beautiful run! Thank you Bryan for being a patient running buddy!

Summer nights with concerts in the park

Bryan and I went to a sweet concert in prospect park tonight. The temperature was perfect and it made me so grateful for summer nights. Could anything be better? Bryan thought it was cool to hold my hand like in the picture below.. I won in the end.

A little beauty in the cement jungle

I am walking to go grocery shopping right now and took a different route than usual just for fun this time. I was pleasantly met by this little charming community garden. It was trying its best to say hello to all who passed by in a hurry.. I think it's doing a good job. Thanks for saying hello little garden!

NYPD and Groceries

I had my headphones in and wasn't paying attention what was going on around me and until I found myself caught in the middle of 20 NYPD cops cuffing some man. They even has thw street blocked off for this one.hurried and crossed the street then took a quick pic before hurrying to get out of there. Oh the adventures of a grocery shopping trip.

My happy place

I have been working hard to finish a literature class in taking through BYU independent study before school starts in the fall. There have been days where I haven't left the walls of my 402 sq foot home.. Just typing away. This week we have had amazing weather so I have been trying to take advantage of our apt's roof deck. It truly is an escape! If I have to being doing this literature class I may as well do it in my happy place.

Saturday with Uncle Don

This week I received a sweet text from one of my favorite people in the world--my Uncle Don--saying he had a lay over in NYC coming up and that he wanted to see us! The title Uncle just doesn't do it justice for this amazing man. He not only introduced the gospel to my parents but he also has been in a lot of ways a father to me since the passing of my own dad. We went to the Manhattan temple this morning and then he treated us to lunch at one of our favorite falafel joints! This is a picture of us walking through Central Park. Anyone who knows my Uncle Don knows how wise and intellectual he is so he made that walk even more fun with his awesome stories! Love this man!

Catch up on pics!

I figure before I add anymore blog entries on new adventures I owe you at least pictures of all the old ones I didn't write about.