I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

Mint.. Dark Chocolate..I Had To

I try to limit the amount of times I give into my hyper-productive sweet tooth but it was too idoneous that my pants matched this delectable mint and dark chocolate treat. It was a sign of approval to indulge from the health gods themselves! Thank you!!

My vista on my way to school

This is what I see everyday when I go to school.. This little stand has a constant line of people. I admit I get a bagel there once on my way to a test but not a very healthy way to start a day off if you ask me ha ha. It wouldn't be the same walk without it though.
And you wonder why I turned out the way I did? Scarring childhood.

Best subway ad I've seen in a long time..

I finished reading the trilogy in like two snaps..I seriously can't wait.. But I have to because I have test that weekend. Boo :(

Toilet Cleaning 101

The young women and young men were in charge of cleaning the church and these sweet girls showed up thank goodness! So teach and pass on my handy dandy toilet scrubbing skills I learned from my meticulous parents. Every Saturday growing up was inspection day. We had to clean our rooms and scrub our bathrooms until they passed "inspection". We had to ask our parents before we were allowed Saturday freedom "may I please be inspected?" Then my dad or mom (we got lucky if it was mom) would come and inspect the room. My dad was a AFA grad and I can remember him teaching me to spread my hangers in the closet out evenly an inch a part (i was like 8) and how there shouldn't be wrinkles in my sheets allowing a quarter to bounce when dropped on it. The point of my tangent is if there is one thing i can do well, it's clean a toilet!

Pink Lips

I had been looking for this color for quite some time!! Viola 99 cent store!

Burnt Bread

This made me laugh. Bry helped out by flipping the Tuna melts for dinner and let's just say they came out a little.. Toasted! I love him.

Harlem Globetrotters

So I tried to get tickets to the Knicks' game when Jimmer's team (Kings) was playing... Sold out for three games straight. Thank you Jeremy Lin for ruining my Valentine's gift!! So I got tickets to see the infamous Globetrotters instead! On our way we stopped at got an amazing chicken calazone and I was changed for life. So delectable. After halftime Bryan and I had to leave even though it was so fun because I'm coming down with an ear infection.. AGAIN! But i still had such a fun time with my sweetheart. We saw the Empire State Building all lit up like these American flags.. It felt very idoneous. What a way to top off a stupendous night!

Studying at the park!

Bryan and I decided to enjoy this beautiful weather and go study at one of our favorite parks! Sunset park. It's hard to focus with such a crazy view of NYC's skyline.. It's even more breathtaking at night. Although I wouldn't recommend being here at night by choice ;).


I'm loving my microbiology lab! Luckily I'm in it with a lot of my nursing gals! Here's a pic of me and my friend Fen.