I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

10/365 Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Bryan works literally two blocks from our house but we still like to meet up at the Atrium to have lunch or dinner together. It is smack dab in the middle so it's where we meet half way. The Atrium is full of tables and chairs where anyone can bring their own lunch to eat. My favorite part about it is the live music. Each day of the week has someone different. My favorite is Thursdays' musicians, so I took this picture of them. One time I I saw a sweet lady walk up to them and request "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  Although they usually just stick to their own genre of music they smiled at each and said to her they would do their best to wing it. It was amazing! That's true talent, being able to play a song as a trio you've never played before. 

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