I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

15/365 Finding Fashion Forms

Michelle serves in Nursery with me at our church. She is a talented fashion designer. She has her own clothing line and is going to fashion school right now to enhance her talents. She hopes to create a high fashion yet modest clothing line. We were out shopping together and she got a call from a friend who said she saw a guy put out a few "forms" out on the curb to be taken away as trash somewhere between 89th and 91st. We ran to go get them but couldn't find them anywhere. We even split up to look for them because we knew they were a hot item and someone was bound to swipe them quickly. After a long search we found them (check out the vintage one)  and carried them to her apartment. I felt so bad because I was carrying one over my shoulder and turned slightly to look to the left and whacked some lady walking in the opposite direction to the right of me. She was so nice though and said she was just fine.Oops! With all the said, I can't wait to what comes of Michelle and her fashion career and hope these forms help! 

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