I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

16/365 You Are My Sunshine

One of the first things I noticed about Bryan when I started to get to know him was how happy he was all the time. I had never met someone that smiled as much as he did or who was so optimistic. Bryan hasn't changed a bit since we've been married. He always has a smile on his face even when he comes home from a super long day/night in the office! A day doesn't go by without hearing him sing his goofy songs of joy... even when he is helping wash dishes in the sink. His sunshine is contagious to everyone around him and because of him I know it will be easy to be a happy person for the rest of my life. I love my husband so much. He is my sunshine. 

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