I'm not a professional blogger and as much as I wish I had enough time to have a more detailed blog, I live in the library so I don't.. but I hope these pictures will speak the words I can't. Welcome to the life of the Hunts in NYC!

18/365 Made With Love

 Most days I try and make us a sack lunch to take into work to be more economical, but some days I'm running too late. Yesterday, I was having one of those "five minutes to get ready" days obviously not having time to make a lunch. Bryan had the day off due to the holiday and showed up to work with a homemade sack lunch labeled:
He was so cute to come all the way to my work and eat with me...He even grilled the sandwich ha ha. I realized I couldn't just post pictures I took yesterday on today's post so I took a picture of the sandwich I made Bryan today. It's one of his favorites... Peanut butter and bananas. Nothing special but it was made with love.


Estevan Leal said...

Congratulations for the blog Dani! It's really cool! Keep posting your photos of this amazing NYC!
Give Bryan a hug and a punch for me!

ashley kay said...

What, no Nutella?! Can you even call that a sandwich?

sarah jane said...

yes! the elvis presley special!

Adrienne said...

Oh I love your blog! :) It's really nice!

I really like how you take so many pictures of you and your man! :) It will be so nice in the future to be able to look back and see what you two looked like together when you all were still "hot"! :) hahaha. Can you imagine what it is going to be like being old!? Hahha

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